Friday, June 06, 2008

Captial Hill 3

Here are additional pictures from Capital Hill. The first is of the Rotunda. The second is one of the paintings....George Washington resigning from the Army following the War of Independance.

Above is a statue of Lincoln located in the Rotunda. Below is artwork that is just below the Rotunda's dom. The scenes, each split by a tree, depict the building of the nation.

Above is a statue of President Andrew Jackson and celebrates his victory at the Battle of New Orleans. Below is a statue of General Robert E Lee that is located in the hall of statues (old House of Representatives).
While we visited the House, no picture taking is allowed. Hence in keeping with the no picture tradition, I had to turn in my camera to security for them to hold until I returned.

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Catharine said...

I have enjoyed looking at all of your pictures of Capital Hill. I would love to go there some time.

I love looking at the architecture from the 1800's and the statement it makes. The carvings into the cement (?) tell so much about an architect's beliefs which often reflect society.

Jackson - an interesting choice from Mississippi! I wonder how long ago it was placed at the Hill.