Thursday, February 11, 2010

Palin and Teleprompters

Last weekend the current grand champion of the Republican right, Sarah Palin, at the Tea Party convention critized President Obama for using a teleprompter. In her folksy "awe shucks" manner questioned why a such an aclaimed public speaker would use such a device rather than speaking from memory or without any aids by speaking from the heart.

The gathered throng clapped and shouted at her comment. Take a look at the following pictures of Ronald Reagan, "Great Communicator", who the Republicans all but worship and quote his words as if they were holy writ. Maybe if Palin was half the critical thinker as the least critical thinker of modern Presidents she would realize a) why teleprompters, or speach cards (G.W. Bush) are used, and b) that she had also slammed Ronald Regan and every Republican President going back to Eisenhower.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Hollywood Walk of Fame

The following have been given a Hollywood Star in Hollywood: Luis Miguel, Earetha Kitt (Santa Baby fame), Larry King of CNN, jazz singer Jack Jones, Janet Jackson of the Super Bowl outfit “accident” fame, television actress Mary Hart, and Juan Gabriel. The list goes on and on…see

If you look for Paul McCartney on the list you will not find him. Evidently is he is not considered worthy enough. Considering how many lesser lights are on the walk, what gives?

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Too Quick To Judge?

We are sometimes too quick to judge. The following video though funny gives us pause about being too quick to judge.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

He Who Controls the Megaphone

Two weeks ago the US Supreme Court tossed out the limits on what can be contributed by individuals or companies to politicians and political action committees. The court also tossed out what individuals or political action committees are able to spend on political advocacy advertisements in the weeks before an election.

The Court’s 5-4 majority position is that contribution limits hinder free speech, stifle dialogue and hinder the election process. These wise judges on the Court dismiss the idea that money can influence elections. They do agree that a small group who can control the megaphone, outshout their opponents and can pour money into slick messaging will overpower the message and arguments of their opponents and in the process determine who will be in power.

Essentially their position is that minor parties who have tried to get candidates elected have not been successful because the messages of these candidates have not had any traction. Lack of access to the public forum has little to do with their lack of success.

American and world history is replete with examples of the powerful installing elected officials into office and having them function more or less as their puppets. Over the centuries various despots have learned that he who is able to control the mass communication process will control the masses. The Iranian government fully understands this principle as it used the mass communication system over and over again to limit the extent and then to quell the protests over the election process.

Over the last 13 Presidential elections since 1960 the Republicans have won seven times. Over the last 9 Presidential elections the Republicans have won five times. Rarely has 58% or more of the House or Senate been in the hands of one party. If the Court is correct there will not be a significant shift in this pattern over the next ten to fifteen years. On the other hand if critics of the Court's ruling are correct, out ten years there will be fewer Democratic victories in races for the House, Senate and White House with well healed corporations and the wealthy pouring money into candidates of their choice, most likely Republican races. Increasingly Democrats will sound like current Republicans and more Republicans will start to sound like Forbs 500 executives. The end result is that America could move towards having the trapings of a democracy with elected officials functioning as an extension of an oligarchy.

The theory that he who controls the megaphone controls the election results is about to be tested.