Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hillary Being Obama's Running Mate Was DOA

Yesterday Barak Obama announced his running mate would be Joe Biden. Since February people have talked about the dream ticket would be Hillary to be Obama’s running mate. While it makes sense on many levels, Hillary could not be a serious consideration. People forget that marital peace trumps the selection of Hillary. During the campaign process the looks upon Michelle Obama’s face and her comments, both guarded and unguarded, indicated that she has a deep dislike, even a hatred toward Hillary. The fire in Michelle’s eyes and the tone of her voice indicated that her dislike for Hillary runs very deep. Being President creates significant stresses upon any marriage. A candidate would be foolish to pick a running mate that his wife deeply dislikes, or even hates.

Also, Hillary will not be a cabinet member. It too is dead on arrival. I doubt Michelle Obama would support Hillary being considered for any position.


Jenn said...

yes, but it would be quite entertaining i'm sure for the whitehouse staff -MEOW!!!

Barbara said...

As it was when Bill was president, the wife tends to call a lot of the shots.