Thursday, February 12, 2009

Winter Camping - Not Really

Since late Sunday night I have been at Camp Happlyland, the National Capital and Virginia’s Camp. I will be here for a series of meetings through to noon Friday with officers and various development staff from across the division.

Rather than sleeping on a thin camp bed, I have been staying in our RV. I pulled the tarp off it, and pulled up near a cabin and plugged into the 20W line (the camp does not have 35W hook-ups). I have not hooked up the water since I do not want to go through flushing and winterizing the system in case we get freezing weather in the next four weeks. Instead I use a nearby cabin to shower, etc. Unfortunately, I did not fill up my propane tank at the end of the season and there is little left in the tank. Fortunately, the weather has been in the mid to upper 50s most days which means that by running a space heater it has been enough to keep the RV warm (55-75F). Tonight it will be getting down into the low 30s, and if necessary can turn on the furnace as there is enough propane to get me through the last night. Still it is a far cry from camping with lows in the teens and highs in the upper 30s.

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Barbara said...

I'll bet it's pretty peaceful too. Enjoy.