Monday, January 09, 2012

Common and Secular Time, Common and Secular Space for Salvationists

The following is offered as food to thought.

Grounded in it Wesleyan roots Salvation Army’s mission and purpose is to minister with passion and compassion to all humanity, to provide hope to and assistance to all without discrimination. We do not see anyone, regardless of what they may have done or how long they may be entrapped in a destructive lifestyle, as being beyond hope or transformation.

Life and the world are divine creations. All activity is an expression of worship and an expression of love for God. As such Salvationists make no distinction between common space and worship space, between worship time and ordinary time. The street, the office, the home are part of the worship space as the whole world is a sanctuary, a place for worship and ministry activities. Hence, for Salvationists all daily activities from office paperwork to scrubbing the floors at home, from providing a meal to the hungry to competing on the sports field, and from listening to a neighbor to driving a car to the store are as much an act of worship as praying and singing hymn in the sanctuary.

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