Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Guide Dog For a Blind Dog

Eddie the lab and Milo the terrier are buddies and a whole lot more. About a year ago, Angie Baker-Stedham of Wales, human companion of the pair, noticed that Eddie began bumping into things. Within a very short time, he became completely blind. With no coaxing or training, Milo became Eddie's constant companion. He somehow sensed that his friend needed his help and has been his guide dog ever since. The two are inseparable. Eddie's dependence on Milo was evident recently when Milo became very ill. Baker-Stedham said: 'We didn't realise how much Eddie depends on Milo to get around the house, he was walking into doors and furniture and I had to constantly call him while we were out on walks so he knew where I was and which way I was going.' Thankfully, Milo made a full recovery and the two are happily back together. (This story was taken from an email I received from Lucky Pets Pet Tags)
Read more and see pictures of Milo and Eddie, go to the Daily Mail website.

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Barbara said...

I love stories like this. It's so amazing to see compassion like this in the animal world.