Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Guide Dog For a Blind Dog

Eddie the lab and Milo the terrier are buddies and a whole lot more. About a year ago, Angie Baker-Stedham of Wales, human companion of the pair, noticed that Eddie began bumping into things. Within a very short time, he became completely blind. With no coaxing or training, Milo became Eddie's constant companion. He somehow sensed that his friend needed his help and has been his guide dog ever since. The two are inseparable. Eddie's dependence on Milo was evident recently when Milo became very ill. Baker-Stedham said: 'We didn't realise how much Eddie depends on Milo to get around the house, he was walking into doors and furniture and I had to constantly call him while we were out on walks so he knew where I was and which way I was going.' Thankfully, Milo made a full recovery and the two are happily back together. (This story was taken from an email I received from Lucky Pets Pet Tags)
Read more and see pictures of Milo and Eddie, go to the Daily Mail website.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

And Congress Wonders Why They Are Not Trusted

For decades used car sales people were commonly viewed as the least trusted professions in the United States. Used car sales people have lost their position to members of Congress. Over the last decades trust of politicians has declined in direct portion to the rating of Congress.

Constantly the general public sees Congressmen saying one thing during an election but going a different direction during an election. People expect their politicians to take their opinions into account, and for the most part reflect the wishes of their constituents, but do they do so? Today a Senate bill that died illustrates that Congressmen will ignore their constituents and adhere to the wishes of those who threaten to heavily bankroll a primary challenge. Even when over 90% of the general public support a particular bill, Congressmen will vote against the bill and go with the well healed minority. No wonder trust and credibility continues to fall. Politicians may say, the general public are increasingly thinking that Congress is dancing to the tune that people with money and power-brokers are playing for them.  

As a further indication of the state of Congress is the story of a scandal ridden Congressmen being propped up by his insider friends, and are helping him to build a deep war chest to win his primary. This is they type of story which fuels the skeptical views of Congress. It seems as long as you vote correctly and issue the right statements that personal morality and upright conduct means little to one’s peers. Regardless what the Congressman may do, it matters little as long the Congressman claims the right thing and votes the right way.