Thursday, June 25, 2015

A Justification For Flying a Despised Flag?

How do you feel about seeing a Nazi flag flying? The following is a statement justifying the flying of a Nazi flag.


“I don’t go around sulking about the fact that Germany lost the Second World War. Both of my grandfathers,  my father and numerous of their siblings and cousins saw fit to enlist and fight for their country. There is no record of any of my forefathers being anti-Semitic. In fact one of my great-grandparents bought a house in Hamburg in 1927 that was next door to a Jewish family, and a grand-aunt’s violin teacher was Jewish. When they fought for their country they were not supporting the killing of the Jews. Many of them and their neighbors fought to make a nation that they felt was unjustly impoverished after the First World War strong and proud again.


“Whatever the reason for their fighting, members of my family and their neighbors saw fit to enlist, fight and die for their nation under the Nazi flag. Most suffered horribly, sacrificing bravely their bodies and for many, their lives under that flag. Even family members that remained at home suffered as their property and lives were destroyed as the bombs and shells fell as the Soviets, Americans and British.  I come from all that. I look at those people as brave and gallant and a frightful force until their hearts and lands were destroyed and burnt away.


“I will never turn my back on that heritage and will fly the Nazi flag. It has nothing to do with anti-Semitism and hate. To honor them and my heritage I will fly the flag under which they served, sacrificed, suffered, were maimed and died.”      


Do you agree with that view? Does the above statement trigger in you a strong negative reaction as it does in me? Yes, they may have fought under that flag heroically and with national pride, but a flag that represented such hate and atrocities should be relegated to history, reenacting and museums. It should not be honored by being flown, particularly by the government or appear on government issued documents.  I’m certain that there is wide agreement on this from those who would read this post.  


If we are revolted by such statements, and we're in agreement on the flying of the Nazi flag is wrong, then why do we accept the same arguments and phraseology about flying another flag from America’s history that was grounded in slavery, the owning and abuse of another human being?

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