Thursday, March 13, 2008

I Know Spring Is Arriving When...

I am issuing a blog challenge. As Spring arrives write a blog that you know Spring is arriving where you live, “I know Spring is arriving in YYYY when …..” Here is my list.

I know Spring is arriving in the Washington DC area when….

The Daffodils start to sprout through the grass along the roadway’s grass median and roadside.

Petunia are being planted in beds and the Petunias from the prior year stir back up.

You start to see restaurants washing down and preparing their outdoor sitting area for business.

People talk about having to call their golf course to book their T-time ten days before the desired date.

The number of tourist buses increase twofold and you see parades of teenagers walking around the Federal downtown.

A dozen or more rowing crews fill the Potomac River early in the morning and late afternoon.

One hears announcements about the Cherry Blossom Festival

Street sweepers are back on the streets.

Nursery sales fliers start to fill the papers

Barbeques go on sale at WalMart, Sears, Home Depo, etc.

Lawns being raked.

Window washers arrive to wash the office windows.

Camping World advertisements arrive with sales on air conditioning check-ups and tuning for RVs.

I look at my calendar and see a) that I am only in the office for two business days in a four week stretch, and b) I am going into a seven week stretch where I sleep elsewhere more than I am sleeping in my own bed.


Joanne said... I drove into work today, I thought to myself........"Self, your next blog should be 'You know it's almost spring in Southern Alberta when....'" So watch, sometime over the next week or so when I'm trying to avoid working on my thesis, I'll be posting.

Evie said...

Pretty good list. I'll have to see if I can come up with anything you've missed.

Joanne: I'm looking forward to reading your list.

Dave said...

Evie, I left a major one off my list. It is implied in one on the list.

Jenn said...

challenge accepted

Catharine said...

Great idea for a challenge. Unfortunately my list is a little bit less pleasant.

Stephen said...

Spring - it's all about context.

Barbara said...

Spring???? Where???

Evie said...

Oh good! I got my list posted in just under two weeks since you issued the challenge! I'm not nearly as late as some people who, for example, still have Christmas tree photos on their front page!