Monday, March 31, 2008

San Diego Bay - I

Evie and I are currently in San Diego. The following are some pictures I took during our Sunday afternoon boat tour of San Diego Bay.

The first is a destroyer with an amphibious assault ship behind. The amphibious assault has some markings of an aircraft carrier because it launches Marine helicopters and Harrier jets.

The second picture is of the Midway, which we toured early in the afternoon. The Midway holds the record as the longest serving aircraft carrier. It entered service 1945, launched missions over Korea and Viet Nam. Just before it retired is served as the fleet flag ship (Command ship) for the Gulf War I.

The following is one of two docks Los Angelas class attack subs birthed for resupply and shore leave in San Diego. In the foreground are the protection nets and buoys used to keep civilian traffic away.

Last three of two F-14s we saw taking off from the naval airstation.


Stephen said...

That's super cool!!

Barbara said...

Very cool!!!!

Catharine said...

Great pics. I would love to tour an aircraft carrier. Even better, I would love to go for a fly in the jets - the higher the better, the faster the better!