Sunday, April 06, 2008

Desert Trip I

This week has been an eventful week. I am on a ten hour layover in San Francisco. My flight out of San Diego was delayed nearly ninety minutes due to fog in SF. I missed my connection, so I am on the flight that arrives at 5:05/5:15 in the morning at Dulles. Josh was thrilled by that news as he is picking me up from the airport ("It is good that I have the day off from school" was his reply.)

While sitting here taking snap shots of various plans and color schemes I have paid for service. I would rather download a few pictures from this week and check email rather than spend hours looking at endless streams of people going past.

The first two pictures are taken as we traveled along I 15 just west of Barstow CA. Note that the photographer just had to get into the picture.

The following three pictures were taken at Hover Dam. Note the four water intakes on the Lake Mead side. The lake is about 100 ft below the 1983 flood mark (point of the white and dark rocks) because of the heavy draw of water from Las Vegas. Las Vegas is under water restrictions.

Evie and I took a one day trip to the Grand Canyon. We were picked up at our hotel in Las Vegas at 6:15 AM and returned at 7:30 PM.

The following three are of the desert in Arizona, just south of Hoover Dam. It was great to sit back and let someone else drive us through the area. I fear that I would have gotten lost.

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Barbara said...

great pictures. Beautiful scenery!