Thursday, October 30, 2008

GOP Sinks To New Low - Dole's Sleazy

Senator Elizabeth Dole’s nasty advertisement is alarming on two levels. First, is the severe misrepresentation of Hagan as well as her on-going defense of the disgusting commercial. Dole is questioning Hagan’s character at a fundamental level, but at the end of the day Dole is demonstrating that it is her character that is questionable by authoring such falsehoods.

Second, by faulting Hagan for attending a fundraiser which was attended and cosponsored by two or three prominent atheists (it was also co-sponsored by others who were not atheists) Dole is indicating that she does not uphold the American Constitution and is akin to the thinking behind the disgraced Joseph McCarthy communist hunts of the late 1950s. The Constitution guarantees for all citizens the right of free association and free speech. Apparently the dishonorable Senator from North Carolina does not believe in those founding principles.


Barbara said...

That's so sleazy!!!! Unbelievable.

Stephen said...

How do these politicans get away with us an outrageous misrepresentation? Are there no absolute code of conduct?
I do believe such an imoral ad in any Canadian political election in the 21st century would be allowed. Any offending politican would be out right disowned by their political party and dismissed by the electorate.
If this woman gets re-elected on Tuesday, my faith in the American electorate would be seriously challenged.

Dave said...

Stephen, several talking head today mentioned that this type of ad is a sign of desperation. Dole figures she has nothing to loose. She is wrong in that she can loose the respect of the people and tarnish her name.

Evie said...

This election season has been far too long. I am so looking forward to getting this thing done on Tuesday.