Monday, November 03, 2008

Blog Challenge For the Family

In June 05 Barb was the first family member to start blogging. With 346 posts to date, Barb has been one of the more prolific bloggers.

Two months later Cathy, though less prolific, started blogging too. To date she has posted 68 posts.

The next to jump into the blogosphere was Christian who posted his first blog on December 05. As he does not have a sidebar counter I cannot say how many blogs he has done since. That said I suspect that he has around 90-100 posts.

Evie got going in March 06. Evie started off with posting several times a week and soon was one of the more frequent bloggers in the family. Though her rate has decreased in the last months, she has posted the most items in the family with 354 blogs.

Joanne got started in April 06. She has posted less frequently, submitting one to three posts a month for our reading. I cannot say how many, since like Christians she does not have a sidebar record.

In June 06 Jenn jumped into the pool. Since she has posted with a vengeance and taking into account when she started, Jenn has posted more often than others in the family. To date Jenn has posted for our reading 352 posts, two less than Evie.

After weeks of encouragement from Evie I too got started in June 2006. My blogging rate dropped off earlier this year but with a more rigorous posting schedule lately I have posted 332 blogs prior to this one.

Two months later, in August 2006, Stephen started blogging. To date he has posted 89 posts.

Dad posted his first blog in August 2006. Though he initially was posting every three to eight weeks, after his ninth blog he dropped off the blogosphere.

In August 2007, Krista (Evie’s niece), started blogging consistently and steadily. She has posted three to five times a week. There is not history sidebar or count, so I am unable to give a count. That said I would not be surprised that Krista has over 250 posts.

Late comers, Jonathan and Joshua got started this past summer. Jonathan posted his first of eleven blogs in May 08. Since starting in August, Josh has posted thirteen blogs.

We valued James’ blogs while he was in Korea. His posts were a way for us to learn little things about Korea and James’ life during that period. Since his return to Canada, his blog went inactive.

Jason too posted periodically prior to May 2007. The number of blogs posted is unknown as his blog is inactive.

Now for the challenge. Between now and the end of 2008 the challenge is to hit or surpass the figure below. Posting pictures or stories from where you live could help you to hit the challenge goal.

Evie …. 370
Jenn …. 370
Barb …. 360
Stephen … 100
Cathy …. 75
Jonathan … 20
Josh … 20
Dad … 11

Christian, Krista and Joanne, I have to leave it to you to announce the number of blogs you have posted to date and your challenge goal.

As for myself, my goal is to hit or surpass the 350 mark by the end of the year.

It would be great if kudos can go to all by the end of the year for hitting their goal.


Barbara said...

I guess I'd better get posting then.

Christian Camuti said...

I have 136

Stephen said...

I'll do it for the Gipper.

Stephen said...

I'm up to 101