Monday, November 24, 2008

Bowling With Jonathan and Maggie

This past Friday evening, Evie and I went bowling with Jon and Maggie. Though we forgot to bring a camera to capture the night, it will be a remembered evening. It is remembered because of the horrendous scores (104 and 103). Though I consul myself that it was almost two years since Evie and I last bowled. My gutter balls than outnumbered my strikes by nine to one.

Regardless of the what was posted on the score sheet and the loud music that was cranked up as we were finishing our second game, the night was pleasurable. I enjoyed socializing with my son as an adult and his girlfriend level. I love it that over the past five years our socializing and conversations have moved to a different plain than in the past. I look forward to more such events.

For those interested, Jonathan one the first game, and Evie the second.


Evie said...

It was a fun evening. I look forward to spending more evenings like this with them.

Jonathan Sears said...

Maggie and I both had a very good time and we can't wait for the next one!

Barbara said...

I love times like that, when you get to just relax and enjoy loved ones. It sounds like it was a perfect evening.

Catharine said...

it has been soooo long since I have bowled. I hate to think of how many gutter balls I would get!

I'm glad you took time to do something together. It is so hard to find that time the older te kids get.