Thursday, July 15, 2010

For A Laugh

Three men hiking through the forest...

across a raging and violent river they needed to cross.

Each prayed to God.

The first prayed, "God give me strength to cross the river." God miraculously gave him extra strong legs and arms. He struggled in the current, he walked where he could but most swam his way. Two hours later and almost drowning several times he made it to the other side.

After witnessing the near death of the first man, the second man cried, "God, give me the strength and the tools to cross the river."
And God gave him a kayak, strong arms, strong legs and agility,

After fighting the river for an hour and almost flipping four times, the second man arrived on the other side exhausted.

The third man seeing the struggles of his friends prayed differently, "God grant me strength, tools and intelligence to cross the river."
And God generously granted him his prayer and within moments he was transformed into a woman. With new insight, the map was carefully checked.

She noticed that there was a bridge two hundred yards upstream. She hiked two hundred yards and crossed the river with a smile on her face.

Guys, when you don't first succeed, take a deep breath and do it the way your wife first suggested.

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Evie said...

Ooh - I like the new look! I also agree with the advice. When are you going to start heeding it? ;)