Saturday, January 26, 2008

College Updates

The college acceptance process is well underway for Josh. As he wants to be a music teacher he is going through a two acceptances from each college. The first acceptance is to gain entrance into the college itself as a student. The second stage is to be accepted into the school of music.

As of last night Josh was has been accepted to the University of West Virginia, George Mason University and James Madison University. As Virginia Tech is not his first choice and only has early commitment (vs. early acceptance) and regular acceptance he has applied for the latter. The former means that it you are accepted that you are committed to going to the school. This week he received a letter from Virginia Tech noting his grades and strongly encouraging him to apply for all regular scholarships, education and music scholarships. The letter all but said he will be accepted.

In a few weeks we travel to Morgantown for his audition to West Virginia. A weekend later we have auditions for James Madison and then Virginia Tech. He is allowed to do his LSU audition via CD, which will be recorded in the coming days.

Friday and today was the George Mason Honor Band. Josh tossed his hat into a solo competition. As he would be playing the same items for his audition to the same faculty members, the competition served as his entrance audition. This afternoon at the concert we learned in a dramatic moment that he was accepted into the music program and not just the University. At the start of the Honor Band portion of the joint concert with GMU Wind Ensemble it was announced that Josh and a drummer won the competition. The award comes with a $1,000 scholarship if he were to attend the GMU.

Josh's audition items are "Andante and Allegro" by Barat, and Morceau Symphonique by Alexandre Guilmant.


Barbara said...

way to go Josh.

Big decisions are ahead.

Jenn said...

it was scary enough waiting for acceptance when you didn't have to audition! i played the piano for a friend of mine at three auditions as she applied for the clarinet. she had to submit her marks, play an audition AND do theory tests. STRESSFUL!!!!

Joanne said...

Ah yes, I remember those days well!

Congratulations Josh!!