Thursday, January 03, 2008

Too Much, Too Little, Too Late

Earlier today while heading to Culpeper Johnny Mathis and Diana Ross’ Too Much, To Little, Too Late. To blending of the voices and the melody is wonderful, but it’s a “its over” story. With the kids now being out of the home and they are getting divorced. As they have stayed together for the sake of the kids, now that their children are gone there is no reason to stay together. There is too much pain and lack of love that anything they do is too little and too late.

Regardless of the beauty of its melody, the song is a sad one, one that thankfully is unknown to me. We are dynamic beings, constantly in flux. Just as our life context changes so do our ideas and experiences. It is sad when couples do not grow together, when they cease conversing and listening to each other. They grow apart rather than together. They are not longer focused upon the joys and desires of the other more than their own.

Too Much, Too Little, Too Late is a reminder of the importance of valuing one’s primary relationship and the love of one’s life. After all these years I still look forward to growing with Evie, conversing with her, exchanging ideas and challenging each other, taking in new sights and enjoying fresh experiences until our dying breath.


Evie said...

Johnny Mathis has a nice voice and his musical arrangements are done well, but his song lyrics are often depressing and not very romantic.

Barbara said...

Sometimes I wish more people would at least have the guts to try and stay together and make it work for the kids.