Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Put Forth Your Ugly Car Nominations

Some vehicles are more pleasing to our eyes than others. This is an invitation for you to nominate one or two vehicles that you see as ugly. If you have another vehicle you wish to nominate, then share it with us via your comment. If in your comment you wish to add to the three I put forward, I will upload a picture of your nomination for others to view and comment.

At the bottom are the three with which I started this blog, the Toyota Yaris Hatchback, the Scion XB and the Honda Element. Above are the nominations from Evie and Chris.

Evie's nomination is the Hummer...the first pick is the Hummer H1, and the second is the H2. Just for Evie, the third pick is not the H3, but the HX which was recently seen at the Detroit Auto Show. With some minor modifications the HX is expected to be released later this year.

Chris' nomination is the Chevy HHR

My nominations are:

Toyota Yaris Hatchback

Scion XB

Honda Element


Christian Camuti said...

I think all of those cars are hideous. You can also add the Chevrolet HHR to that. I seem to remember you blogging about the HHR once before. Since Chrysler has ditched the PT Cruiser, that car can be omitted, Speaking of Chrysler, they have some pretty ugly products now. A couple of the crossover SUV's are very least to me. I hope none of your readers drive one!

Actually, I have read on leading news sites that the Germans have really messed up with the Chrysler auto line...this includes Dodge, Chrysler and Jeep.l If you look at many of the models, many are very boring. Again I hope no one is driving an extremely late model Chrysler! It is not my desire to offend. Now that the Daimler sold the Chrysler lines, maybe some respect can come to the Chrysler name again.

On a positive note, I am really impressed with General Motors lately. They are producing very sexy cars...think the Cadillac commercial..."does your car turn you on." Their reliability has also been on the rise. I simply drool over the GMC Acadia every time I see one drive by! I would buy one of those in a heartbeat! Unfortunately, they are not on our approved list.

Evie said...

The Hummer is the ugliest beast on the planet, bar none.

Christian Camuti said...

The Hummer H2 is an ugly car, but that is a car that is designed for function over style. However, Forbes Magazine recently listed that as one of the worst automobiles. I don't think we will be seeing the H2 around much longer. The Hummer H3 is a small variant based on the Chevy Trailblazer/GMC Envoy platform, so those are much more economical than the Suburban based H2.

Evie said...

The HX is also ugly. There should be a law against putting such wretched vehicles on the road. Maybe an "ugly tax" for people with so little taste that they actually drive these eyesores.

Barbara said...

Hey. What happened to my nomination? I thought I'd submitted it a few days ago. I guess I forgot to hit the publish button.

Anyway, I'm in total agreement with Evie. The hummer is uuuuuuuuugleeeee!

Meg Robins said...

I googled "Chevy HHR ugly" to make sure my extreme distaste of the car wasn't unique to me. Glad to see it's not; sad to see that others are also suffering whenever these things roll down the street and ugly up the whole city.

Anonymous said...

Burn alive Hummer haters, google these cars:
-Nissan Cube
-Chrysler 300 (AKA Overpriced Non-Aerodynamic Luxury Box)
If you can hold your lunch after viewing these, then you are one brave soul. i hope anybody driving these dies a slow death by the hands of those who KNOW what a real car is!