Monday, September 22, 2008

Ike Report 2

Disaster related matters are coming to a close in Lufkin TX. The power is back on in most of the homes. The few that lack power are in small pockets on one to three homes here and there that are in more remote locations.

We will be heading home early. Whether we fly back Tuesday or Wednesday will not be known until later today. It all depends on flight ability.

Today will be spent finishing up paper work and cleaning up the Lufkin Corps. Yesterday the canteen from Shreveport LA was released to go home. The Mobile and Columbus canteens will be released later this morning to return home as they were in Baton Rouge before coming here. The Lubbock TX canteen will be reassigned and deployed south where relief work will be continuing for several more weeks. The Hampton canteen will remain here to handle the last request to help with meals for those who are still sheltered in Lufkin.

I noticed this clip last night. This is the LSU show from Saturday. Each week they learn a different drill and music. This is their road show. If Josh reads this I will leave it to him to say where he is located.

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