Friday, September 19, 2008

Ike Report

Most of the damage done by Ike between Houston and Lufkin is due to trees being blown over and taking down the power grid. In some of the counties, 99.5% of the residents lost power. As I post this on Friday afternoon there are counties that still have power out to more than 50% of homes.

Below you can see a tree that was downed from the roots.

With power being out, gasoline became scarce. Few stations with no power created long lines. We saw lines this all throughout Monday and Tuesday.

With limited gasoline, people used extra gas cans to limit the number of trips to the gas station. Some also were buying gas for their generators.
As you can see, the National Guard was activated to help limit looting, help keep line-ups at gas stations orderly and to pass out water and ice.

Some Texas National Guard members also helped to distribute food from Salvation Army canteens.

We have with us a canteen from our division.


Evie said...

Thanks for the report, including the photos.

Barbara said...

...but are you serving Gator from the canteen?