Thursday, January 15, 2009

Grocery Refuses to Put Child's Name on a Birthday Cake

This past December this cute three year old New Jersey child hit the news when a NJ ShopRite, a regional grocery chain, refusal to sell his parents a birthday cake with their child son’s name it. Heath (35) and Deborah (25) Campbell are demanding an apology from ShopRite for their refusal.

Karen Meleta, a spokesperson for ShopRite says no apology will be forthcoming. I agree wholeheartedly with ShopRite. Heath and Deborah have intentionally named their now three year old son, Adolf Hitler Campbell. Adolf has two siblings, JoyceLynn Arian Nation Campbell, two and 9 month Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie Campbell.

Both parents acknowledge that they know there is great hate behind the names they have given their children but dispute claims that they are neo-Nazis racists.

The Campbells argue that in America they are free to give their children any name they wish. They feel that ShopRite has wronged them for not putting their son’s name on the cake. They made the same request last year, and asked for a swastika on the cake as well.

They have set their children up for a lifetime of pain. Even if they were later to change their names, the scars of having those names will impact them throughout their lives. I have not thought of this until now, but is it possible that in giving their children those names that the parents are engaged in a form of child abuse?

Mr. and Mrs. Campbell, in America you have the right to give your children those names. You are free to have your views. That said, that same freedom allows ShopRite to refuse to put on a cake what it considers to be offensive. ShopRite also has the right not to accept your business.

That same freedom allows me, if you were my neighbor or children attended my children’s school, to prohibit my children from visiting your home and associated with your family and children. I am free to protect my children from being exposed to the type of thinking that stands behind giving your children those names, you having Nazi tattoos, the swastika painted on your car and wearing Nazi apparel around town.

Adolf and his siblings hit the news again. Recently NJ Youth and Family Services removed the three children from their home. The reason for the removal is not publicly known. By the way, to the court hearing, Heath Campbell wore a Nazi uniform.


Barbara said...

I'm glad to hear that the children were removed from the home. What they are doing to their children is nothing short of abuse.

Jenn said...

love it - they are nazis but don't "hate". maybe they should do some more research into their belief system. they are shining examples that prove that these arian nazis or whatever they call themselves are stupid moronic white trash.