Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Jonathan's Birthday

About this time on this date in 1984 the doctor entered the waiting area to inform me that Evie had given birth to Jonathan. That day remains vivid and will remain a cherished memory. He remains dear to my heart today as he did that day I first held him. Today a host of images flash across my mind from the early steps, to him playing with our dogs, from elementary school concerts to his high school concerts, from helping him to learn to ride a bike to helping him learn to drive.

Though Jonathan has long entered the adult world and no longer needs to be held and cuddled by his father (I will leave the cuddling to Maggie thank you), he will always be my son and I will be there for him.


Barbara said...

happy belated birthday to Jonathon. They really do grow up in the blink of an eye.

Evie said...

Happy Birthday, Jonathan.

Maggie is your main cuddle, now, but a mother is always entitled to a hug now and then, too. :)

Catharine said...

A lovely commemoraation. Happy Birthday, Jonathan. It seems like yesterday when you were born...Man, I'm sounding sooo old!

Barbara said...

...and now a Happy Birthday to you big brother. Now let's talk about who's really getting old! hahahaha