Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Photos - Blog Challenge

Before heading to the Christmas Eve Candlelight Service I am posting a few pictures of the season. The first our family photo that we took following last Sunday's service. For the last three years just before Christmas I have been taking photos of Corps families at Arlington.

Next are a series of pictures taken Christmas Eve afternoon after I left the office at noon. As you can see there is no snow on the Mall or around the Capitol. We have yet to have a snow. The reflection pool in front of Capitol Hill is starting to freeze.

The closest we will come to Canadian soil is driving past the Canadian Embassy.

The last picture in the series, that is not snow on the side of the road...that is salt. On 19 December with the temperature was around 40F (5C) in the afternoon it started to ran. Since the temperatures late that night could get close to freezing the ice trucks hit the roads at 2 PM. When salt goes onto roads they put it on very thick. This is what is still left on the roadside.

The close of Capitol Hill shows stands being installed for Obama's inauguration.

Merry Christmas one and all. May your gathering and celebration be filled with joy and blessings. May the joy and love of your family warm your heart.


Barbara said...

Nice family picture.

We had snow on the ground here, inspite of the rain that fell for 24 hours on christmas eve.

Joanne said...

We had lots of snow as well. The lake is starting to freeze over too. It looks like the rest of the holidays will have warmer weather though, so I expect a good portion of the 30 cm of snow we have will melt.