Thursday, December 11, 2008

Posting Challenge Update

How are we doing on the challenge issued at the beginning of November. As a whole we are doing very well.

Barb – challenge to surpass 360. Congratulations to Barb as she is now at 362 and likely to go well beyond 365 by year end.

Evie – challenge to surpass 370, now 366 and quickly closing in on challenge.

Jenn – challenge to surpass 370, now at 372 and likely to hit 377 by Christmas. Way to go Jenn.

Josh – challenge to surpass 20, now at 24. He could easily go over 27 by the end of the year. Kudos to Josh.

Jonathan – challenge to surpass 20, now at 17. I am confident he will go over 20. Lately he has posted several humorous items. Thanks for the laughs.

Cathy – challenge to surpass 75. She is at 69 at the time. Two posts a week and she will be over.

Stephen – challenge to surpass 100…10 November was at 101, he is now at 105. Stephen by the end of the year I challenge you to hit 108. A blog done by the kids can also count.

Christian – was at 136 on Nov 4, now at 138. As like Stephen he is deep into kettles, holiday distributions and programs, I will only challenge him to hit 140 by the end of the year.

Joanne - I do not know her total to date. Hopefully she will add two to three more to her total by the end of the year.

Myself – goal to surpass 350, with this post I am at 353 with a revised goal to hit 360.

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Barbara said...

so I guess I can sit back and relax now. Whew! LOL!