Sunday, May 31, 2009

Two Blog Challenges

Today I am issuing two blog challenges to the family.

1. Within 3 days of reading this blog, set a goal on the number of posts you would reasonably like to achieve over the course of 2009. Post that goal in your own blog, as well as in a comment here. Also note any milestones you would hit if you met your goal.

2. In looking back over the past year, note in a blog by 14 June what food you have and would eat again that a) in your youth you would never have thought of tasting, and/or b) that the family at large would not consider having on the table at a family function/reunion, but you would gladly eat it if it was on the table.

As for the first challenge is to hit to post by the end of 2009, I would like to go over the 150 mark, but I would be satisfied with 145 blogs which is 5 more than the high in 2008 of 140. Coming into the year I had 365 posts, and to date have well surpassed the 400 mark. My next milepost is 450 which I hope to hit by the end of June. If I reach my goal I will be posting my 500th post sometime in December.

I will give my response on the second challenge in the coming week.


Barbara said...

i will put some thought into this.

Evie said...