Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Big Day For Josh

Today was a significant day for Josh. For the first time he cast a vote by voting in the Democratic primary.

One of the big issues with attending a college out of state is the out of state tuition fees. Today Josh received a letter informing him that he is being awarded a 4 year general scholarship in the amount of $45,200, leaving him with paying only $1,688 in tuition per year. This award is based upon his grades and SAT scores. Room and Board is $6,850/yr. If tuition increased, so does the scholarship so that his portion will remain at the same proportion.

We wait to see what other scholarships are offered by the other schools. WVU has already offered a $3,000 general scholarship.

The offer from LSU vertually brings the cost of attending LSU as the same as living at home and attending George Mason. If Josh is offered a nice music scholarship from LSU, then LSU is likely to be the where he goes, if he gets accepted in their music program (his audition CD has just been sent). Though LSU has been his top choice, it was a long shot until today.


Stephen said...

I'm glad to see Josh exercising his right to vote. Far too many young people feel estranged or disillusioned when it comes to demoncratic process.

Also - wow! That's absolutely brilliant about the scholarships!

Evie said...

Correction: WVU's scholarship is $3,000.00 per year, capped at $12,000.00 over four years.

Christian Camuti said...

I wish I was able to vote in my state's primary on Super Tuesday! Since I affiliated with a specific party, I did not have sufficient time to switch parties and vote for the candidate that I wanted to. If I was a registered independent, I would have been able to change in time, but alas no luck.

Oh well, at least my favored candidate won our state without my help!

Barbara said...

Wow! Way to go Josh. Congratulations!