Tuesday, February 19, 2008

College Auditions Are Over!

The last of the college auditions are over! Josh was a VaTech yesterday morning. While he was doing his audition I was in a business meeting at the local Corps. At the same time Evie was wondering campus taking pictures.

In my books Tech along with Dalhousie have the best looking campuses and campus design of any college I know. Admittedly I only have visited only around fifty or so campuses.

The audition process varies widely. Some schools have you play a piece and talk with you. Others have the potential student play a piece, an etude and scales. Some include at theory test and others do not. Some took Josh on a tour of their facility, others did not do so. Some auditions included a short “lesson” to see how a student responds to instruction and how quick they learn. At some schools the process is short, warm-up and audition whereas others it spans four to five hours.

The places with the best self contained music facilities would be WVU and George Mason (we cannot speak to LSU as Josh auditioned via CD).

Now we have the waiting game to see what music schools he makes and the offers he receives. By mid March the picture should become more clear.

PS: On the return trip my car hit the straight "1"s, 111,111 miles.

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Barbara said...

sounds like quite the process.