Monday, February 11, 2008

Blush Rating Requested

Stephen posted a humorous video last week. I came across two others. Give each a blush rating...1 being no blush and 4 being a full blush.


Stephen said...

I love both of these clips!!! It reminds me what we are in for over the next few decades - the sags, the wrinkles.

When I viewed that first clip the other week, I was taken aback by it - it was unexpected - yet it's a classic stereotype that "old folks" are quiet, conservative and subdued. I give it a 3 on the blush scale.

The second clip I viewed for the first time this morning was halarious! If I was in that room, sitting in the dark listening to those two old geesers (sorry mom and dad) carrying on - that would definitely rate a 4+ on the blush scale.

Jenn said...

#1 - 2

#2 - 3

Barbara said...