Sunday, February 10, 2008

Visit to WVU

Another audition for Josh has been completed. Just after 5 we headed for Morgantown WV for Josh’s Saturday audition at WVU. From the net we had booked a room at a Golf and Spa resort that overlooked Cheat Lake (just outside Morgantown) for about the price of a discount motel near campus. As the resort was booked out and our room given to another we were upgraded to a two bedroom condo that came with an equipped kitchen and a fireplace in the living room.

The audition went well. Saturday night we enjoyed a wonderful visit at a local restaurant with Tom and Doreen’s daughter Stephanie and her family. The last time I saw her was the ten days I spent at Uncle Bert’s cottage the summer before I married Evie. Needless to say I was very pleased to connect with her. She and Jeff are part of WVU’s medical school and have to lovely children, Nate and Amelia. Even if Josh does not attend WVU with them being only three hours away, it is our hope that we will have an opportunity to visit several times over the coming years.

Below are some pictures. The first is of Cheat Lake, then the condo and the view from our condo.

Above is the WVU Fine Arts Center on the second campus just north of the downtown area (connected by a variation of monorail system). They have a main auditorium as well as several smaller auditoriums. Below are the upper level housing the main auditorium are the faculty offices, classrooms, rehersal rooms and practice rooms. The brass band program has about 300 full-time students, 200 of whom are music education students. Below are other buildings on the main campus downtown.


Jenn said...

looks like a nice place to go to school

Evie said...

Jenn - The campus buildings are very pretty. The town is a typical coal-mining town built on the side of a mountain. One is always moving either uphill or downhill.

Barbara said...

beautiful campus!