Monday, February 04, 2008

Super Bowl Thoughts

Congratulations to the New York Giants on their victory in the Super Bowl. The Patriots were on the verge of being proclaimed one of the best football teams of all time, if not the best team of all time. If they were 18-1 at the end of the year, and the one lost was mid season arguments could be made for them being one of the best teams, but having that one lost in the Super Bowl changes the whole picture.

This year’s Patriots will go into history as a very good team, but not one of the best teams. A team should not be considered for greatness unless the win the big game. Great teams may stumble during the season for a game or two but when the time comes winning the big games, they deliver. New England did not deliver when it was time. Hence, they will be forever viewed as the quintessential example of the team who had the talent but who stopped short of being great.

Kudos to Eli Manning to David Tyree for giving the sports world a play that will go down as one of the greatest plays in sports history. With time running out, Manning is cornered but shockingly escapes being tackled twice, after casting off a defender who was pulling at his jersey, Manning coolly looks down the field finds a receiver in the midst of two defenders. Tyree out leaps the two defenders, catches the ball between the one hand and his helmet. Tyree had enough presence of mind and skill that as he was being tackled he is able to bring his other hand up to the ball to ensure it is cradled and secured. That play moved the Giants from midfield into scoring range.

Manning escaping was impressive. Under immense pressure from the Patriots and the clock, the pass was perfect. The catch was outstanding. All this makes it an excellent play. All of it happening at a crucial time of the game with time running out, and with the driving resulting in the game winning touchdown transforms it into one of the greatest plays in sports history.

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Jenn said...

i actually watched the superbowl. the first time i've ever sat and watched an entire football game...although i had no real choice