Monday, July 28, 2008

Crossmen Show

The Crossmen show from San Antonio is on youtube. The sound and visual quality is poor but it still gives you a good overview of the various formations, and how the players and sections weave in and through each other.

Trying to know where Josh is in the formation is a challenge. From pictures and what he told me this past Saturday here is what I know.

Josh starts on screen left on the 41 in the back part of the x. He is the front position, or third in from the left coming down the front of the back part of the x. When they break into the next formation (0:34 mark) he is on the 39.

At the 2:43 mark, just before the battery moves through the hornline, Josh is midway on the 35. When the battery (drumline) bisect the hornline they move in front of Josh.

One the company front at 3:37, Josh is at the right 36 yard line between the two contrabases. At the 4:15 mark he is on the 42 anchoring the top of the hornline arch.

In the scatter just after Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (about the 6:25 mark) Josh is literally squatting/sitting on the 28 between the two hash marks as they move into the ballad. He has to quickly move from there to the back beside a contra. At the 7:30 mark he is around the 25 yard line by the contras.

At the 10:34 march he is in the second line from the left, 4th from the back. I think he finishes on the 33, if not then he is in the longer line on the 31.


Barbara said...

Isn't it just like a proud parent to be able to pick their child out in a video like that!

Jenn said...

whoa - that hurt my head.