Sunday, July 27, 2008

Visit With Josh at the Georgia Dome

From Monday through to Friday of this week I am in Atlanta as a member of a committee charged with selecting a database for the whole territory to use for donor management and direct mail. We have already had several rounds and by noon Friday we should be in a position to go forward with a recommendation. Unfortunately it meant that I am missing the Crossmen performing at the Kennedy Center on Tuesday and competing in Warrenton on Wednesday (about 40 minutes from the house).

Fortunately, as the Southeastern regional championship was being held on Saturday I flew to Atlanta early to catch a few moments with Josh. You do not get to visit with the participants before the show….if you were standing across from Josh he would ignore you, just as the other members ignore their friends and family. Upon arrival until they take off the uniform they are busy getting equipment together, dressing, warming up, putting on their game faces and getting their mind set for the task at hand.

This again was one of those shows where twelve teams compete in the afternoon to fill the last four places to join the top eight for the evening show that started at 7:00. Once again the Crossmen took the last spot, falling 0.3 points from taking the third spot (close but still a significant difference). Following the 3:30 announcement of scores I tried to find Josh. Their buses were over a half mile away and by the time I found them, Josh was off eating inside the Dome which I had just left.

I waited by the buses and his instrument for his return. I got to speak to him for 30 seconds, just enough time to tell him where I was sitting and took his picture (unfortunately I do not have a card reader to download it for this blog). Telling him where I was sitting was important as once they finished marching, packed their instruments and uniforms the Corps members can return to the show and watch the remaining Corps for free. As the Crossmen were the first to perform, he was able to find me and we watched the top seven Corps together.

By the way, Josh has a white upper lip as that morning he shaved his mustache. He still has a goatee. After the last Corps marched we said a quick goodbye and a see you in Indiana. Evie should see him on Wednesday in Warrenton.

In the past we have gone to the two day eastern regional in Allentown. If I have my druthers, I will go to Atlanta from here on out. I would fly out Friday and back on Sunday and see every Corps in one day. Being inside on chairs with arms and backs is much better than sitting on steel bleachers in the sun. Also to see all Corps in Allentown you have to attend both days whereas in Atlanta the same ticket gets you into both shows.

What made it even more enjoyable for me is that I was able to get a ticket for the club level. I wanted to be well above the field so I could take in the formations, but I did not want to be in the upper deck. Hence I ended up in the club level. As this is a professional football stadium, the club level has a range of extras. Besides being less crowded, the seats are nicely padded. Behind the seats the food area has padded seats and tables, and large televisions. Even in the washroom there is a 35” plasma television. The next DCI event in Atlanta, I know exactly what sections I am going to book.

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