Sunday, July 20, 2008

An Interesting Announcer

People can say things at first sounding may not strike one as illogical or crazy but when considers the statement and/or context they make the speaker look foolish.

Tonight Evie and I attended a baseball game Alexandria. The Alexandria Aces play in Washington-Baltimore area short-season league that is for college players. The players work part-time in the area, are housed by volunteer families and play five games a week.

Tonight the announcer trying to promote the teams T-shirts encouraged the attendees to go to the booth “And buy a T-shirt like the one you can see that I am wearing.” Uhhh?? He is in an enclosed booth three feet behind the fence. The only are the windows to the field and the only people that can see him are the umpires and the players. What a hoot.

The other night upon the announcement of a change in hometown pitchers the Aces coach leapt from the dug-out. Being seated by the fence we could hear what he was muttering as he moved to stand before the open window on the field side of the fence. The manager basically muttered as he shook his head, “We have no Robert Johns. There is no Robert Johns in the league and I have never met such a person. How in the world can he get that wrong when he has a program in front of him.”

The announcer was still in great form tonight. At least three times he introduced the wrong player who was coming to the plate. Once he gave the name of the player on deck, once he announced that number 30 and the name from the program for 30 when it was number 3 coming to the plate, and once he gave the name of number 1 from the home team to the player wearing number 1 from the home team. The announcer was just as entertaining as the players, particularly in watching him bumble around with the wrong counts and scores on the scoreboard.


Evie said...

Oh, man, that scoreboard could be an entire post in itself. Too bad we didn't take photos to illustrate the story.

Barbara said...

you mean people actually are supposed to listen to those announcers??